DWR double-skin pipe bends

for pneumatic conveying systems

In pneumatic conveying systems, conveying abrasive products – in particular at high conveying speeds – leads to abrasion and thus to wear in the pipe bends. In order to prevent this, the pipe bend of our highly wear-resistant DWR double-skin stainless pipe bends is encased in a second pipe bend, which creates a double-walled chamber.

This acts, so to speak, as a “protective shield”: After the wear has taken place on the internal pipe bend, it fills with the product to be conveyed. When this process is completed, you are then conveying „product on product“ – and no further wear is possible!




Our highly wear-resistant DWR double-skin pipe bends are available in two product versions:


Version I: „Product-on-product”

In this variant, the classic “double skin” comes into effect.

After the wear has taken place on the internal pipe bend, you are conveying “product on product”.

  • not suitable for foodstuffs
  • not suitable for material change

Version II: „Lined with concrete”

In this variant, the double skin is lined with concrete, which reduces the signs of wear even further.

  • lined with extremely hard concrete (ceramic-like properties)
  • strength: over 100 N/mm2
  • colour: light grey
  • not suitable for foodstuffs
  • also available: lined with borosilicate glass

Our DWR double-skin pipe bends for abrasive materials are available in many standard diameters and radii.

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