pneumatic tube steel pipe bends

NEW: annealed pneumatic tube steel pipe bends

The advantages to you:

  • no more deformation of roundness when cutting bends on site
  • easier extension-pipe/tiered pipe bend construction
  • appealing visually pickled surface

All of our pipes and pipe bends (both unannealed and annealed) are made of the following material:</p>

  • stainless steel pipe, material no. 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • longitudinal seam welded pipes
  • hot rolled & cold rolled coils, unannealed, with or without pickling (W1)
  • Make: IltaInox and/or Marcegaglia

We would be pleased to send you a sample of our unannealed / annealed pipe bends as a demonstration of our capabilities!

Please consult our tool and stock list for further diameter options for pneumatic tube applications.

Diameters highlighted in yellow are suitable for pneumatic tube applications.